Favorites borrowed from others:

Red lentil coconut soup (introduced to me by none other than Erin Kelly). My personal modifications: substitute vegetable broths with chicken stock, add a touch of turmeric and fresh garlic, and leave the coriander and cumin seeds whole (don’t forget to toast them!). Fun fact: this meal dehydrates really well for backpacking!

Homemade kimchi and kimchi tofu soup. We substitute pineapple juice for the fish sauce in the kimchi, and we also use a 1:1 combo of cayenne and Hungarian paprika in place of Korean pepper powder. Thinly sliced pork or sausage = YUM.

Warm tofu with spicy garlic sauce is really good. I looked up this recipe because I had something similar in China and wanted to recreate it. To spice it up a little, and really bring me back to my days in China, I add a couple Szechuan peppercorns.

Roasted butternut squash soup, a wholesome fall fav originally made for me by my Koala friend Stacy. I’m linking the base recipe, but for my modifications (and a little fall flair), see my blog post.

My own creations/family recipes: – coming soon!!


Homemade spaetzle

Potato pancakes

Chicken Continental

Chicken and dumplings

“Perfect pesto pasta”

Bren’s bday Mediterranean marinade

Recreation of Dinosaur BBQ’s rib rub

Chinese cucumber salad

Healthy…er banana bread

The chocolate Mistake Cake

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